Food Processing Industry


MH&W International Corp. is a premier supplier of standard and custom magnetic cores and parts for filter and power conversion applications. Our specialty is in nanocrystalline material as we provide products such as common mode and differential line chokes.

The food processing industry benefits from our products in multiple ways. With the help of our comprehensive solutions, our customers can reduce maintenance expenses and prevent potential electromagnetic interference, all while remaining EMC compliant and maximizing operational efficiency.

Challenges in the Food Processing Industry

Many types of equipment in the food processing industry rely on electric motors, including pumps, conveyors, refrigerators, and other machinery. This equipment needs to run with consistent efficacy to prevent potential shutdowns and product spoilage, which might otherwise hurt businesses' bottom line.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) generate powerful and potentially damaging currents in these pieces of equipment. Over time, these currents can cause issues in motor bearings (such as those found in electrical discharge machining) and lubrication breakdown. Also, electromagnetic interference can develop, negatively impacting the operation of encoder feedback, metal detectors, remote I/O, programmable logic control communication links, and other sensor systems.

These problems require the right measures to prevent downtime and subsequent financial losses from spoiled goods.

Food Processing Industry

Solutions and Product Highlights by MH&W

MH&W offers multiple Nanotech products to meet the needs of applications in the food processing industry, protecting equipment from VFD currents and electromagnetic interference.

Some of the specific benefits of using our products include:

  • Expanded lifespan for motor bearings.
  • Asymmetrical EMI current suppression
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Improved reliability and longevity of VFD systems
  • A competitive edge
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance

The following are some of the Nanotech® products our customers use in this industry:

Nanotech Radiated Emissions Choke (REC)

These chokes increase the longevity and dependability of VFD motor systems by absorbing incoming high frequency radiated emissions before they even enter the motor system.

Nanotech Glass-Filled Nylon and Powder-Coated Steel Brackets

Using these brackets, you can secure oval and round core shapes into place. They provide reliable, durable mounting for cores and chokes alike.

Magnetic Cores and EMI and Noise Absorbers

We also offer a selection of cores and solutions that absorb both EMI and noise. Our Nanotech® common mode and differential mode toroid coils consist of nanocrystalline material, protecting systems from motor-bearing currents. Our CoolTUBE® Nanotech® radiated emissions chokes also absorb high-frequency noise from VFD motor systems for added protection, functioning as common mode chokes.

Applications in Food Processing

Our Nanotech® products work for multiple applications in food processing, such as the following:

Benefits for the Food Processing Industry

MH&W can benefit your business in numerous ways when you work with us. The following are some of the specific advantages of turning to us for help with EMI reduction and noise absorption in the food processing industry:

Optimize Your Food Processing Operations

If you need dependable solutions to reduce VFD currents and absorb EMI and noise in the food processing industry, MH&W is here for you. Our line of Nanotech® products will effectively protect your motor systems, increasing their efficiency and mitigating the risk of standstills and product loss.

You can learn more about our products to get started. You can also contact us or request a quote for any of our products.