Struggling with unexplained electrical issues
in your plant and VFD motor systems?

Our Nanocrystalline Inductive Absorbers protect your motor from EDM problems and
your plant from EMI issues preventing costly production downtime.

Nanotech Kits
EPA Filters

Don’t Stress About the Damaging High Frequency Noise Associated with VFDs and Its Impact on Motors.

Watch the CoolBlue Video

An introduction to CoolBLUE Inductive Absorbers and NaLA Line Absorbers. Learn how CoolBLUE and NaLA can help you reduce damage and extend the life of your motor bearings. Download our presentation now to learn more.

Why MH&W International Corp?

Since 1964, MH&W has been at the forefront of developing and promoting innovative magnetic cores and components for power conversion and filter applications. Our highly qualified team of engineers stands ready to supply standard and custom specific solutions, giving our customers a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Since 2010, MH&W has evolved as the industry leader in supplying nanocrystalline components in North America. Experience, ability, knowledge, and foresight led to the development of extremely effective noise filtering solutions manifested in chokes and filters for VFD, EV, Wind, and Solar applications.

The MH&W Team is standing by to solve your most demanding power conversion and filter challenges.

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